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Thirteen Pines Trading Co. is a co-op made up of more than forty vendors (think of them as individual small businesses!) housed inside one building. We deal primarily in antiques, true primitives, vintage items and quality furniture.

In keeping with the common co-op or vendor mall business structure, each vendor rents, decorates and operates his or her own display area. The store acts as a physical “home” for the vendor and their mini-store, and provides staffing, customer service and point-of-sale access, so each vendor’s small business can operate without the vendor present. This affords an opportunity for small antique business owners that would not exist otherwise, as most of our vendors work other jobs and do not have the desire or the resources to open their own storefront. Beyond the cost of monthly rent, 92% of all sales dollars return to each individual vendor (small business owner).

Our vendors source and price their own merchandise, which explains both the variety across different booths and display areas in the store, as well as the range of prices across similar items. Each vendor comes from a different background and has his or her own unique area of expertise or interest. As space permits, TPTCo offers its own antique merchandise for sale, and will occasionally offer items on consignment.

PAYMENTS: We accept cash, check (with driver’s license) and all major credit/debit cards. Credit/debit cards are accepted in person, by phone, or via secure Square link. We also offer gift cards in $25 increments.

RETURN POLICY: Due to the nature of our business, we regret that we are unable to accept returns for any reason. All sales are final.

PRICING POLICY: Out of fairness to our vendors and respect for their time and efforts, we do not accept offers or negotiate prices on items under $50. For prices over $50, some vendors may accept offers, while others may choose to remain firm. We cannot negotiate pricing on vendors’ behalf, outside of the permissions they have granted us in their contract.

ITEM PICKUP POLICY: We understand that customers may need to make arrangements to have furniture transported. Out of respect for our vendors and the space they pay to rent, we ask that customers remove furniture within seven days of payment in full. After seven days, a $5 per day storage fee applies. Failure to remove furniture within 14 days will result in the furniture becoming property of TPTCo.

DELIVERY: Delivery fees start at $30 (in town Bedford) and $50 (outside of town). A $.625-per-mile additional charge applies. There is an additional $20 fee if a trailer is needed for your delivery. Deliveries are available only during evenings and weekends, and only as our schedule permits. Our delivery is “front door” only, meaning that we are not able to place the item inside your home, for liability reasons. An additional fee applies for moving an item up porch (or other) stairs. When performing a delivery, we make every effort to take care with your items, but are not responsible for accidents or damage that may occur during transport or delivery. Whenever possible, it is best to make your own arrangements to have your furniture transported to your home or business.


Thirteen Pines Trading Co.
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