Preserving what matters most–history, heritage and home.

Here in the heart of the Appalachians, we were born into a culture that has been hand-forged by men and women who were–and still are–self-made. Our heritage and history are as rich and vibrant as the stories we pass down from generation to generation.

There is magic in the turn of a key in the latch of a trunk that travelled here from France with a young child in 1846–a child who would become the forefather of one of the county’s most prestigious families. There is an inexplicable warmth that radiates from a wooden dough tray where bread was born for decades to feed a family. There is dignity in the proud, stern faces of a Civil War era portrait. There is a particular satisfaction, an intrinsic value that cannot be monetized, that accompanies becoming the steward of a small piece of history.

A 19th century stepback cupboard out of a Cambria County, PA




The following are just a few of the goods and services we offer:

Heirloom Quality Antiques and Vintage

Our treasures are sourced from Bedford, Somerset, Fulton, Cambria and Blair counties (and beyond!) by dozens of vendors who love what they do and are passionate about saving history, one piece at a time. 

Unique Goods From Local Makers

From the earliest pioneers, Bedford County residents made what they needed with their own hands. Today, many local artisans, artists and craftsmen are keeping that custom thriving. We are proud and honored to display their wares and support the time-honored traditions and practices of handcrafting. 

Events and Collaborations

The past meets the present here at Thirteen Pines Trading Co. We cherish every opportunity to support others who share our vision and to give you the chance to interact and engage with the history, stories and practices of our vendors and makers. 



TPTC believes in collaborating with others in our local community to preserve the past and keep our history and heritage at the forefront of our lives. We believe in honoring tradition while embracing change. We believe there is a lot of life left in aged, well-made goods, and that it’s better for our environment–and good for the soul–when we incorporate those into our homes and businesses.

We strive to preserve local and regional heritage by procuring heirloom-quality items of the past and contribute to sustainable commerce by providing quality vintage and antique items to our clients, as well as keeping local traditions alive by supporting and promoting makers, artisans and craftsmen.