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Which partnership style is right for you?


Have you ever browsed the store at Thirteen Pines Trading Co. and thought to yourself, “I have things I could sell here”? We’d love to have you!

We currently offer three different partnership styles:
vendor spaces, maker spaces, and consignment. We also offer partial and full estate buyouts. 

Each of these ways of selling offers different advantages and meets different needs. Read on to see which one is right for you! 

Partnership styles in a nutshell:

Vendor Space: For those who buy and sell antiques, vintage and collectibles. 

Maker Space: For those who create original artwork or handcrafts.

Consignment: For those with only a few items to sell, and/or who don’t want the commitment or hassle of a vendor space, who don’t mind waiting up to 90 days for payment. 

Estate Buyouts:
For those who have many items to sell, but who would like to sell all at once and receive payment immediately. 


Vendor Space

Vendor spaces allow you to run your designated area as your own small business. This allows you the most flexibility and control of the three models.

Vendor spaces are designed for those who buy and sell antique, vintage, repurposed or refinished items. These spaces range in size from 80 to 250 square feet and are available to rent on a month-to-month contract at $1.25 per square foot per month. This rate is comparable to other local vendor malls. 

We are non-competitive, meaning that we do not limit where you can sell. We want to see you succeed and hope Thirteen Pines Trading Co. will be just one of the many places you’ll be able to thrive with your small business! 

Maker Space

Maker spaces are unique to Thirteen Pines Trading Co., and are specifically for artisans, craftsmen and makers who create completely original items for sale. Examples include photography, handmade jewelry, pottery, leatherwork, woodwork/ lathe work, needlework, knitting or crochet, and many more handcrafts.

Our benchmark maker space initiative ensures the livelihood of the maker by functioning on a commission-only basis. There is no monthly fee for a maker space, and as such, these spaces are competitive and unfortunately, not all applicants will receive a space. 

Just as with a vendor space, we do not exercise any control over where you sell–we are noncompetitive and want you to get as much exposure as you can, wherever you can!

If you create original artwork or handcrafts, this type of partnership is right for you! 


Do you have six or fewer antique, vintage or unusual items to sell, but don’t want the commitment of a vendor space? Consignment is perfect for you.

We offer 90-day limited consignment with a 60% (consignor) / 40% (TPTC) commission structure. This means that you, the seller, retain 60% of the final sale price of your item(s).

Consignment functions on a 30-day tiered pricing structure. You will work with us to set the initial price(s) for your items. If your item(s) do not sell after 30 days, the price will decrease by 20%. If your item(s) do not sell after 60 days, the price will decrease by an additional 20% from the original listed price. If, after 90 days, your item(s) still do not sell, you will retain ownership of it them and will be responsible for removing item(s) from the premises. 



Partial or Complete Estate Buyouts

We also buy out partial and/or complete estates.
Please contact us to determine if an estate buyout is right for you. 

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